The Arc was born as a commercially viable and possibly viral way to promote projects like The Rock Move.


The Arc involves a reality TV style documentary which shows the band SHiFT and a varied group of people (who will renew from leg to leg) going around the world in a sailing boat.


The Arc will dock in 30 countries for a couple of days at a time and set a stage beside the docking area where movies and documentaries will be shown on a collapsible high definition LED screen and SHiFT will perform, also sharing the stage with local musicians.


During their stay on land, the group will interview different politicians and key figures about the future of our planet and when at sea, the reality documentary will show regular life on the boat, heated debate and discussions about consciousness, humanity and the environment, and also show and promote awareness and environmental projects like The Rock Move.


The edited footage will be uploaded on the Internet to be followed by viewers, with some live footage available per week.


The Arc aims to become a movement followed on the web and in person whenever the boat hits a port near you.

Watch a video of Sebastian Morgan describing The Arc


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The Arc Route 1

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