All this started with a song called The Walls of Love composed by Seb Morgan in New York in 1998. Seb had been having reoccurring nightmares about the 911 attacks two years before they happened. Two years later, when the attacks actually occurred, The Rock Move began, using music as a universal language to mobilise people towards peace and union.


The Rock Move compilation will have a set of CDs with music representing humanity. There will also be a theme song performed by all the artists to identify the movement.


A computer animatic of the storyboard for a possible video-clip of the song was produced. It tells about humans being locked up, and a spirit, in the shape of a white horse that turns into a Pegasus, which flies in with a message of hope to free them.


SHiFT was founded as The Rock Move band. It is a rock formation that tours performing and promoting The Rock Move project. With the focus on the idea itself, they play great original songs stripped of any religious or political meaning that share a message of worldwide peace and union while The Rock Move project idea is shown on a screen above them. 

Watch a video of Seb Morgan with SHiFT


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SHiFT is a rock formation that tours with Seb Morgan. They perform while showing what The Rock Move project idea could be.


SHiFT are:

Seb Morgan - lead voice, piano, acoustic guitar

Mike Andreux - electric and acoutic guitars

Dan Axtell - bass

Mike Bates - drums



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