The development of the project will consist of five different stages.


Stage 1 - International architectural bidding

Stage 2 - International bidding amongst countries

Stage 3 - Production and distribution of the CD compilation

Stage 4 - Time-window to participate and site construction

Stage 5 - Managing the site


So far these have not been iniciated and are constantly been revised.


The Rock Move Team engages in regular brainstorming sessions about the project and is open to any new ideas and possibilities. If you think you have what it takes, please write!


The Arc, a pre-project to The Rock Move, was created as a stepping stone and promotion tool which uses music, travel and media to share

with people around the world different projects for awareness raising, sustainability and human welbeing.


(read more about The Arc)

Watch a video of Sebastian Morgan describing

The Rock Move stages

STAGE 1 - International architectural bidding.


An international bidding amongst architect firms and independent architects will be held to determine the final design for the site. There will be a special prize for the bidder, who will also have the option of overseeing and/or directing the construction.


The first challange will be to design the international site for human awareness, which will aim to represent peace and union and hold millions of bricks, all of them the same, but each one with a different name engraved on it. There should be easy access to see every brick.


The next challange will be to design the surroundings. This should represent and embrace the oneness of the Earth, humanity's respect and protection towards it, and also maybe even set a model or example of what other places or even cities could look like in the future.


Finally, the design of The Outer Circle, which will involve the world’s merchandising and trademarks, all of those wishing to participate fairly and with profit sharing, and the accommodation and transport facilities. (back to top)

STAGE 2 - International bidding amongst countries.


Once the design for the site is chosen and ready, an international bidding meeting opened to all interested countries will be held around the bidder's scale model and blueprint to decide where to build it.


The bidding will take into consideration the offer made by each country in terms of land, labour, advertising and organisational infrastructure.


The countries participating will take into account that during and after the construction, thousands of new jobs will be created, businesses from all over the world will come to the site and millions of tourists and participants per year will visit the country which holds it. (back to top)

STAGE 3 - Production and distribution of the CD compilation.


A compilation in CDs will produced with different songs from artists around the world relating to the idea of peace and union.


Each CD will have in its inlay a serial number and a password. Every CD will have a different one. These codes will be used to access a website that will offer three alternatives to fill in: Name – Place – Country


The name database from the website will be downloaded by a brick-making company that will produce bricks with those three lines engraved on them.


These bricks will be used towards the building of the site, making every person buying a CD contribute to the construction and through signing bricks, becoming part of the experience of the union of people around the world. (back to top)

STAGE 4 - Time-window to participate and site construction.


The international site for human awareness will be a huge dome representing peace and union. It will be divided into two parts representing the material and spiritual spaces of human awareness. One with sound and colour and everything relating to the five body senses and the other with silence, calmness, and relating to the four or five elements and the internal journey to get to experience who we are. The site will be built with the engraved bricks from the people who have bought the CDs, adding to the unifying experience of people visiting the place after completion.


Inside the international site for human awareness there will be an enormous sphere covered with LED screens. It will turn very slowly on two different axes. This globe will represent the Earth and will be connected to a central computer downloading images from satellites in space. These images will be sent to the LEDs on the sphere, making people have the possibility of putting the Earth in perspective for a fulfilling awareness experience.


Around the site, the rest will later develop. Within The Rock Move Team's vision for the future, the site will expand to house learning centres, libraries, museums, theatres, spaces for artistic productions throughout the year and maybe hotels, all of which will be managed by a chosen organisation to create a global sharing and unifying experience.


The international sit for human awareness will be a first space to be later replicated around the world as different Energy Spaces or centres for human awareness. (back to top)

STAGE 5 - Managing the site.


The site will be managed by an independent non-profit organisation formed by a multi-task group of professionals with experience in the academic, social, arts and government sectors. It will work to develop and organise projects and events that relate to the idea of peace and union at a global level, generating an elevation of consciousness and therefore a duty and actions towards the well being of mankind, the environment and the planet.


The place itself will also serve as a physical base for this organisation. It will manage the constant income through the events, the merchandising, franchising, and the flow of tourism which will be used to aid other active organisations with similar missions looking to address issues regarding basic human and environmental needs.


The organisation will also develop the creation of peace-rooms and think-tanks where youngsters and teenagers from every country in the world will be chosen and brought together to debate about present world issues, the needs of the new generations, the distribution of materials and the aid to the more needed. Also the creation of better education programmes, the integration of man and the environment and the solution to all present or possible future international conflicts where violence is present.


All this seems like an enormous effort in terms of energy time and money, which could be used directly to aid the people in need, but we understand, like the Chinese saying goes: “…if you want to help someone, don’t give him fish, teach him how to fish…”, that the financial aid in great amounts raised by less tangible projects like for example a music concert, is ephemeral, and while the proposal to help is praiseworthy and admirable, it doesn’t last in time. It appears repeatedly with a lot of effort to raise funds and disappears right after the event is over.


We propose a much bigger effort at the beginning but later on, a stable aid generating a constant income from a fix and self-sustainable place with a fair exchange between the beneficiary and the donor.


The place we seek to occupy is between the people and the organizations that are already working in the field and have the experience and expertise to do so. We would establish an active net with all of them and act as a distributor for foundations where there would be a constant flow derived from what is raised at The Rock Move site, which will exist only for that purpose. At the same time we seek to generate the necessary mid and long-range changes so as to start “lifting” the frontiers of human thought and elevating consciusness, thus generating the needed expansion for the integration of the human being in all its parts. (back to top)








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